Apply For Agent Account
  Apply For Agent Account

Apply for Agent Account to Confirm Agency Relation
1. Those express companies who have cooperation intent should firstly get in touch with Marketing Department of ZHLCN and submit the actual business data such as the duplicate of Industrial and Trade Business License and other relevant information. Then, ZHLCN will offer relevant international express quotation based on the submitted data and information combining with their business volume. After confirmation, these companies still should submit their address, telephone and fax number, email address, contact persons and other detailed information to ZHLCN Marketing Department to open agent account and get activate query password on website. Then, ZHLCN will print cooperation agreement (Model) and send to these companies to sign. They will become formal agents after the agreement is signed, and can start international express service provided by ZHLCN as long as they prepay the freight charge into the account given by ZHLCN.

2. All agents signed agreements with ZHLCN need to prepay the freight charge, and ZHLCN computer system will count the freight of each shipment everyday. In case the prepaid carriage only affords estimated business volume for 1 week, the system will promptly inform agents to make up. If the actual freight exceeds the prepaid amount, ZHLCN will stop to provide service or ZHLCN may request the clients to settle the payment by cash.

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