Shipment Delivery Procedures
Basic Requirements for shipment Operation
  Shipment Delivery Procedures

Delivery Method The agents can deliver shipments to ZHL operation department of Hong Kong Company by air, road and other carriers

1. Sort Requirements To accurately and timely operate and forward shipments, the agents should divide shipments into 3 kinds before delivery:
a) ZHL Express,
c) EMS.
Please put the manifest of ZHL Express, DHL/UPS/TNT, ZHL Hong Kong Express into corresponding knitted bags respectively and mark the bag number in the forecast.

2. Correctly Tell the Types of Shipments Only business documents and letters with data are classified as document, while the others are regarded as parcel. Since the document envelopes are only available for documents, the small cloth sample and plastic piece can not be delivered as document. (Such as: airplane ticket sent to Japan shall be delivered in the form of parcel.)

3. Consignment Forecast The agents should fill in the consignment forecast table and notify ZHL in the form of fax or Email. The forecast should be specified with the computer code and company's name of the agents, original city, domestic Air Waybill number, flight number, total weight and pieces. For C.O.D. shipments, Air Waybill number of the shipment and amount of COD must be indicated as well.
4. ZHL doesn't accept the dangerous articles as explosives, inflammables, live animals, compressible gas and poisons, and liquid corrosives, pornographic and pirated articles (fake brand products), antique, powder, chemical products, and other articles violating the stipulations of China's customs and the customs of import country.

5. Fragile, upright articles and other shipments with special package and handling should be provided with reliable package by the agents or shipper's company, and they should clearly mark precautions to avoid damage during the transportation.

6. According to China's Customs administrative regulations for shipments, the shipments can be classified into 4 kinds according to their value:
A. Document without any commercial value,
B. Cargo sample with the value below 500 RMB,
C. Cargo sample with the value between 500 RMB and 5,000 RMB,
D. Cargo with the value over 5,000 RMB. Shipper's company needs to offer original invoice for Class B and C shipment, while for Class D shipment, the agents should ask shipper's company to offer the instrument for the collecting, verifying and writing-off of export proceeds in foreign exchange, contract and packing list to declare customs in the form of common cargo. If the cargo belongs to the commodity in accordance with the State Export License, the agents also need to provide export license and commodity inspection certificate (light industry products)

7. ZHL doesn't accept those shipments sent to the countries or regions beyond its service scope. In addition, ZHL will also refuse to accept and deliver the prohibited or restricted export articles temporarily published by the customs in destination countries and regions or agents.
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